The Association for Parents, Relatives and Friends of children with cancer in Castile and Leon. The association was created in 2003 in response to the need for greater awareness solicited by the collective group of pediatric cancer patients and their families.
The effort made by 16 families suffering from cancer led to the creation of Pyfano. Since its foundation, the main goal of the association has been to improve the quality of life for pediatric cancer patients and their families.
A pediatric cancer diagnosis is always an unexpected and traumatic experience for any family. It involves a radical change in the lifestyle of patientsand their environment in various aspects such as: changes in the family dynamic; difficulties in carrying out work responsibilities; limited social support networks; and financial stress due to decreased income and an increase in related medical expenses).
This new situation leads to profound adjustments in the roles of family members, now faced with a new context. As a result, the family takes on a fundamental role in the process of the disease, becoming the primary target of the psycho-social intervention of multidisciplinary teams.

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