The Castile and Leon Association of Rare Diseases (AERSCYL) was founded in Salamanca in 2014 with the purpose of reaching out to individuals and their families who are affected by rare or undiagnosed diseases, with the aim of defending their rights and needs.

Their main purposes are:

Reach out to all individuals, and their families, affected by rare or undiagnosed diseases.

Provide emotional support and assist in finding information related to the rare or undiagnosed disease through associations and foundations, among other resources.

Provide information on any assistance offered by the Administration.

Carry out activities to disseminate information on the rare or undiagnosed disease.

Sign agreements, partnershiops, collaborations and assistance with public and private institutions to meet the needs of persons afflicted by a rare or undiagnosed disease and encourage further research.

Contact AERSCYL here:

+34 722 68 81 88
C/ Abraham Zacut 9,  37003 Salamanca