Aljomar has obtained the AENOR IFS (International Feature Standard) Food

Published : 05/20/2021 10:15:33
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With each and every one of the projects we pursue as a company, we strive to improve and become ever more responsible to both our national and international consumers who expect a company that is committed, sustainable and respectful towards the environment, animals and people.

As a result of this commitment and framed within our sustainability plan, Aljomar has reached a new milestone.

We have obtained the AENOR IFS (International Feature Standard) Food certification v.6.1, which guarantees the security, legality and quality of every one of the production processes at Aljomar. 

This achievement fulfills one of our main objectives for 2021. And we did it by receiving the highest possible score in each of the requirements demanded by AENOR.

The IFS Food certification includes the production, curing and slicing of cured and salted pork meat products.

ifs food

Additionally, it certifies the delivery of safe products, which in turn leads to a reduction in production and distribution costs and underpins the transparency and rigor throughout the supply chain.

This represents another step forward for the Aljomar team, obtained with tremendous effort on behalf of the entire company and in particular by our Quality Control Department.

As an international standard of quality control, the AENOR IFS Food certification helps us to improve and build even greater trust with today’s most demanding customers.   

Jamones Aljomar continues to enhance a corporate philosophy focused on food products which improve the quality of life of our consumers. 

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