Aljomar receives the Animal Welfare Certification from AENOR

Published : 09/11/2020 09:05:19
Categories : Health

The Aljomar Group takes one more step forward toward its commitment to quality from the first stages of production, having recently obtained WELFAIRTM certification,  the AENOR certification scheme for Animal Welfare, which ensures animal welfare during the entire production cycle, from breeding the Iberico pigs in the company-owned Vera Vieja farmland located in the region of Extremadura, to the El Navazo Slaughterhouse and the Aljomar production plant in Guijuelo, which allows us to offer maximum information and transparency to the consumer, ensuring the use of good practices throughout the food chain.  

This protocol certifies compliance with the requirements for livestock farms and slaughterhouses in terms of Animal Welfare and goes one step further, ensuring the highest standards of animal welfare to consumers and businesses. All audits to which Aljomar has submitted guarantee 4 basic principles for the treatment of animals: good housing, good feeding, good health and appropriate behaviour. Likewise, the certification takes into account the implementation of a traceability and self-monitoring system to offer a maximum guarantee of food safety in the meat industry.

This milestone falls within the Aljomar Group’s sustainability plan, which includes all the commitments the company has taken on with the environment, animals and people, and a strong inclination towards health and wellbeing. Aljomar is currently taking on other major objectives such as the organic production of Iberico pigs, the development of a 100% natural line- cured sausage with a clean label, chorizo and salami with no additives, allergens or artificial colouring-and a strong emphasis on its Corporate Social Responsibility policy with the seal of Environmentally Friendly Product in partnership with related social entities.

José Luis Sánchez, Deputy General Manager, highlights the value-add of this new certification in addition to the seal of Quality and Food Safety Systems ISO 22000, which the company has previously received for its entire cutting and production process for hams and cured and fresh Iberico meats. “The Aenor Animal Welfare certification reinforces our fundamental commitment to the well-done work from the farm stage, caring for and feeding the animals, to the production process and the highest quality Iberico products”.  Additionally, “ensuring animal welfare is a priority for us and is in high demand among responsible consumers, in Spain as well as in more than 30 countries around the world where we are currently approved to export” explains Sánchez. 

In addition to its international recognition, the high quality of the Aljomar products from the very first stages is endorsed by none other than the prestigious international Chef Martín Berasategui (12 Michelin stars) brand ambassador, product spokesperson and member of the Aljomar family.  

Aljomar takes one more step with its business philosophy, which considers feeding as a basis for improving the quality of life of the consumer, including a production system highly respectful of nature and animals.

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